Nebel Lang is an Argentinian, Kiel based pianist, composer and sound artist. Previous releases include Chapters on Fluid Audio as well as 00000 and ‘motionless for a’ on Minui. According to the press release, The Nebel lang sound is driven through improvisations, to capture chance moments that cannot be repeated. These sounds were impulsive, as if entirely natural, as part of the environment within a given moment in time. The tuning, environment and textural sound of a particular piano can never truly be replicated or reperformed. 

Back in February, he has released a new album called Hand in Mine which is out via Whitelabrecs. Today he’s back with something special for Piano Day 2021. “Sudden ly there” is a new longform piece which comes with the visual experience and journey created by Paris based director Louis Faury. You can buy the track here. The essential lines draw a sort of subtle, but tangible layers which are the perfect mirror of the words that accompany the track: “…sometimes it remains a mystery and a secret that I keep with me until it fades away, again.