Limpet Space Race are a British Experimental pop duo comprised of Nicholas O’Brien on drums/guitar/diy electronics and Hannah/Jakes Jacobs on vocals/synths. They are back with a new track called “Reaching Water“. It was commissioned by iconic conductor Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey for the Orchestra of St. John’s and it is out on October 23rd via Upcycled Sounds Records.

According to the press release, It explores the long journeys many people across the world must take to find water, as a result of climate change making water access more and more difficultThe piece combines electronics, soaring strings, water samples from around the world, and an extract from an interview with an Ethiopian farmer – which translates to ‘You have to travel long distances to find water, it’s very tiring’ – to enact a long journey in search of water, and draw attention to the human struggle caused by the climate emergency.

It also includes samples of water sounds submitted in the response to the project, encouraging participants to think about their own water consumption, and the connection between climate change and global water security.

The video was recorded and filmed on 23 July 2020 during a socially-distanced session at Oxford’s OVADA warehouse, an old industrial building that’s currently an art warehouse. Watch it below.