Kritters is the project of New York based duo Kirini O.K. and Robert Steadman. According to their bio, Kirini is an interdisciplinary artist, songwriter, and vocalist and Robert is a producer and multi-instrumentalist who received widespread acclaim as drummer for cult indie-folk band Stornoway.

They are back with a new track called “New York” which is out tomorrow. It features Stornoway band mate Jon Ouin on cello and comes backed with exclusive remixes by UK producer Sebastian Reynolds and avant-pop group FILLY. When asked about the inspiration for New York, Kirini explains, “I had been thinking a lot about the time in my life when I lived in downtown New York City. It was, in retrospect, a remarkable way to grow up: right on Washington Square Park, right in the middle of the Village. When things were difficult in my life I escaped to the streets, and walked and walked. I was never alone; the city was my great friend”.

Check the official video below.