Kick is the Italian duo comprised of Chiara Amalia Bernardini (vocals, bass) and Nicola Mora (guitar, piano, synth). They have announced the release of a new album called Light Figures which will be out later this Winter via Anomic Records/Dischi Sotterranei/Sour Grapes. It was produced by Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle, I Hate My Village). We introduced them with the track “Setting Tina”.

We have the pleasure to share a special live session. KICK play their last new single “Rubberlover and then two other unreleased songs from the upcoming album. They are here supported by Nicola Giustacchini (drums) and Simone Apostoli (keyboards, backing vocals and percussions).

The video session is directed by Marco Armando Alliegro, recorded and mixed by Brown Barcella at Big Tree Studio, and mastered by Riccardo Zamboni. Watch it below.