Kaycie Satterfield is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and ironic jazzercise enthusiast who got her start on guitar in a high school Texan swing band. She has announced the release of a new EP called Sweeth Tooth which will be out tomorrow. Today we have the pleasure to share the official video directed by Alex Justice. Watch it below.

Here some words from the director and the artist about the video.

KAYCIE (artist): I had the idea of making a cake and then ultimately destroying it, as a manifestation of my obsession with a crush.
ALEX (director): I loved the idea and wanted it to feel as authentic as possible, so we decided to shoot on 16mm and recruited our friend Jacqlene to play the love interest while shooting around our local haunts. The whole thing was super DIY and made in a day with the help of some friends.
KAYCIE: We had a blast making the video and laughed a lot. In one scene, we were shooting at the Venice Boardwalk and Jacqlene was nonchalantly eating a glizzy as directed. She said “I’m about to throat this dog” and a dad, who was sitting with his kid, turned around and said “hell yeah,” and high-fived her glizzy with his corndog.
ALEX: That wasn’t the only hot dog of the day, we headed to our neighborhood bar, Walt’s, to shoot the sunset scene where we drank Hamm’s and ate while shooting the last seconds of our one roll of film. Those ended up being my favorite shots from the video.
KAYCIE: All in all it was such a fun shoot with great friends and we hope everyone loves the video.