KAOUENN is the solo project of Italian, Nice-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Nicola Amici, also known for his work with Butcher Mind Collapse, Lebowski, Jesus Franco & The Drogas. He’s back with a new album called Mirages which was released in February 2021 via Atypeek Music, Beautiful Losers, Bloody Sound Fucktory, Ph37 Soundlab.

Today we have the pleasure to share a new video for the track “Flood of Light” which shows the ethereal and trembling flood of his music which is refined mix of different styles: psychedelic vibes, post-rock textures, ambient lines, and electronic shades. It was directed by Fabio Cotichelli who explains:

The clip tells how the memory of a past love weighs on our shoulders. Trying to forget is
always difficult, but it is also a growth path during which we remember the images of the
loved one. Getting rid of it is a bit like killing it. The video wants to represent this journey in love, with its dark but delicate atmosphere and Lynch-vibes.”

Watch it below.