IL COSA is the solo project of Italian musician Ilario Promutico, born in Frosinone and currently located in Bologna. He moves between dub, industrial and bass music, pursuing abstract and gloomy melodic lines. He has announced the release of a new EP called Nube which will be out on June 23th as self-release.

According to the press release, it all begins on June 23th, 2019, when a fire burns down a waste disposal factory in the city of Frosinone, Italy. A black cloud rises and the air becomes unbreathable over several kilometers. The order is given to stay at home, with windows closed and air conditioning off for at least forty-eight hours. Then, it turns out that the fire is arson and the case is entrusted to the anti-mafia.

During those days, he spends time at home with some friends, recording jam sessions. The six tracks included in his new EP were created later but were inspired by the memories of that summer, using also some samples taken from those domestic recordings. 

Check the first excerpt “Chiusa“.  According to Promutico: “Chiusa is the track that, even if it’s instrumental like the full EP, tells the time spent playing at home. Being locked up triggered the creation of an alternative world, completely different from the external one. The video is an elaboration of this imaginary and contrasts the darkness of the external world with the shapes and colors of an internal world“.