Gunerius & Verdensveven is a Norwegian producer and composer. Back in November 2020, he has releasead a new track called “Blue Disko a lá Türk” which will be part of the upcoming album, out in February via Sellout Music.

According to the press release, “Blue Disko a lá Türk” is an instrumental disco banger from the upcoming Gunerius and Verdensveven album “Samtidig på den andre siden av byen”, which translates to «Simultaneously on the other side of town». The song is a mashup of his different influences: quarter-tone guitars meet disco, and hip hop beats spiced with a homemade percussive string instrument and primed with a bass line straight out of 60s psychedelic London or San Francisco.

Today we haev the pleasure to share the official video. The artist explains about the video: “The video features dancing and fog, two favorite covid-activities. Due to covid restrictions, we only got to film feet, some of the feet are horses, some are space-clowns and some are something else entirely.”

Watch it below and find him on Facebook.