Firstworld is the project of Miami based artist and producer Kris Alvarez. Four years after his first EP, he has announced the release of the debut full-length which will be out later this year via his own label Timemind Records. Today we have the pleasure to share the official video for the track “Uie” which shows the warm vocals, the percussive rhythms and the pop sensibility of his music.

He explains: “Uie (pronounced “YOU-EE”) is about relapse and recovery, and how the stigma of mental illness affects those who suffer through it and are trying to turn their lives around. With this song, I wanted to illustrate the experience of being in the shoes of someone who suffers from mental illness who is not believed and not taken seriously. This is a common stigma found in Latin conservative culture, my culture and my experience growing up.

It was extremely commonplace to be told to simply “stop crying” or “get over it” from an anxiety attack or a depressive episode. I remember often feeling like my emotions weren’t something to be taken seriously by anyone, including myself. As I grew up and sought help to overcome my own struggles, I learned that it indeed takes a long time to recover, and that it’s not as simple as just “moving on”. Thankfully, I have not suffered as much as others have, silently, and some who are no longer with us. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the work done on the road to recovery is totally worth it.”

Watch it below.