f5point6 is the solo project of London based producer and composer R. Cleveland Aaron. One year after The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight, he is back with a new album called A Matter of Light and Depth which is out now via See Blue Audio. According to the press release, it picks up from where its predecessor left off, and then transports us to new destinations once again. ‘A Matter of Light and Depth’ is the seventh collection of cinematic music from f5point6, the thirty-eight release on See Blue Audio, and a finely sculpted, while also intensely personal, way to mark the end of summer’s respite and re-examine the world around us.

As the earlier ‘KaleidoSound’ series depicted the different stages of evolution on our planet, and then ‘The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight’ saw us seek out new worlds and parallel universes, so onto ‘A Matter of Light and Depth’ and something distinct again. A deeply rooted love of science fiction is ever-present in Cleveland’s work, but here it’s fused with a reflection on where humanity is right now: post-pandemic, politically and socially divided, environmentally destructive, and filled with identity anxiety and fear for the future. On ‘A Matter of Light and Depth’ he’s not afraid to get serious and ask us to think about the growing need for liberty and justice – the Black Lives Matter movement is just one example – and the crisis around mental health. 

Check the new video for the track “Twelve.Three.Three.Three“.