Diogo Carriço is a Portuguese pianist and audiovisual artist, based in Utrecht. He’s back with a new track called “Sal de Lágrimas” (Tears’ Salt) which will be released tomorrow and shows the minimal lines of the sound- He explains:  “It gravitates around exploring metamorphosis and permutation of simultaneous, yet independent, melodic patterns.

Inherently, these transmutations hook the listening experience to a continuous drift along clifhanging tension and contemplation. The sea is entrusted to wash away fruitless tears, leaving on the shore the inevitability of letting them go. The saltiness of sadness is gazed at helplessly, yet warmly.”

We have the pleasure to premiere the official video. It was shot by the artist at Praia Formosa, Madeira, Portugal. These landscapes dissolve then in abstract watery paintings, providing an immersive audiovisual experience, with a touch of psychedelia. Check it below.