Dalhia is the Paris-based project of singer and composer Rachel Geffroy and drummer Simon Vouland. According to their bio, they explore the dark and cavernous nuances of electronic and psychedelic music. The influences are varied, from Post-Punk to Hip-Hop. The songs are macabre dances where tortured pop and hypnotic rhythms mix. DALHIA founds a melancholic, singular and mystical universe.

They have announced the release of a new EP which will be out in May. “Viva 4 Ever“ is the first excerpt which comes with the official video. They say: “Viva 4 Ever evokes disillusionment in the friendly family and romantic relationship. Love is a fragile energy that can untie at any moment. The song invites us to grasp the complexity of the combined feelings that crumble during the betrayal of a loved one. Hate and love are always in fusion and produce in us an eternal conflict. This state of disorder coexists with hope: ‘Viva 4 Ever’ literally means ‘To live forever’; that is to say to live despite the overwhelming disappointments.This title is also a tribute to a well-known Spice Girls song: ‘Viva Forever’, which speaks of deep freedom. Thus this song is tinged with childhood memories but also hope.”

Watch it below.