AGNUS X LEDEN is the collaborative electroacoustic project between Italian saxophonist, producer and composer Laura Agnusdei and Italian sound artist, producer and composer Daniele Fabris. Back in June, they have released the first EP called Riflessi which is out now via Russian label Stellage for their CD Red Series. Tomorrow, they will paly a show in Utrecht for the Gaudeamus Festival.

According to the press release, As a duo their compositional method is focused on processing and spatialisation of sax’s sound, using digital devices coded by Leden himself to mold, sculpt and orchestrate ethereal sonorities.

Combining the emotional power of melody with soundscapes that evokes the most experimental ambient music, these tracks find a balance between gestures and abstraction, density and rarefaction, noise and lyricism. 
The title Riflessi, Italian word for “reflexes”, stresses the collaborative quality of this work: on one hand, it stands as a visual metaphor of a an acoustic sound’s multiple transformations and on the other hand, it describes the more interactive and muscular side of music which finds its origins into a live electronics practice.

Today we have the pleasure to share the official video for the track “Specchi“. It was created by Amsterdam based artist Max van der Wal. For this video, he has been working with visuals generated by a self trained StyleGAN. Rather than having trained this on a highly limited dataset, which is required for getting a ‘correct’ output, he trained it on an eclectic collection of his photographs. His interest does not lie in the mimicking of reality, but in the artefacts of the system, the intrinsic qualities of the neural network.

Watch it below.