Penelope Trappes is a London-based singer-songwriter, musician and sound artist better known for his work with electronic duo The Golden Filter. Three years after Penelope Two and 2020’s EP  Eel Drip, she has announced the release of a new album called Penelope Three which will be out on May 28th via Houndstooth.

According to the press release, she completes her ambitious and other-worldly triptych with an album of healing, on which she looks to release herself from fear and into love, evoked in Penelope’s signature ambient gothic dreamlands that are equal parts shoegaze pop and surrealist soundscapes.

We already shared “Nervous”; “Fur & Feather” is a new excerpt which comes witht he official video. Self-directed again in collaboration with art collective Agnes Haus. The track is inspired by the Celtic mythological tale of The Selkie, which is about ‘homing’ – returning to a sense of Self. When my daughter left home this year, the Selkie tale reminded me to keep my identity intact. I always knew the bittersweet time would come when I’d be physically and emotionally alone.

Watch it below.