Peace Chord is the new project of the Canadian musician and composer Daniel Robertson, known also as a  core member of  Vancouver-based Crack Cloud. His eponymous debut album will be out on February 5th, 2021 via Unheard of Hope. According to the press release, it is a deeply personal, ethereal collection of  songs in which he reflects on the worlds he has been immersed in. From minimalist explorations of gentle  voice, upright piano, and vintage synthesizers, vulnerable meditations emerge.

Check the new track “Memo” which comes with the official video. He explains: “Written after a time in Berlin; amongst a polyphony of past lives in the memorials and the chapels I visited, I saw paintings of saints and envisioned those who have passed from my life.”

And on the self-directed video: “In my bedroom studio I collected moss from my neighbourhood and glued it to wooden boards. The character came to life amidst the objects I had around me; LED finger lights, glass fishing floats from my grandparents, an old oscilloscope, plasticine, and my grandfathers old camera lenses. Everything in this video was handmade, from the puppet’s face to the snowy meadow.”