We introduced different times NOVAA, a talented German singer-songwriter and producer. After 2020’s The Futurist, she’s back with a new track called “You Can F With Me“, lifted from her forthcoming album due early 2022.

Novaa explains: “You Can F With Me is a song about the things people asked and told me as a victim of sexual abuse and rape. ‘Don’t ever mention his name’, ‘Don’t talk about being a victim of sexual abuse in public’, ‘Reporting him won’t do anything’, ‘Reporting him is important’, ‘I won’t work with him, at least when you’re part of the team’, ‘Did you really say no?’, ‘How bad was it?’, ‘You should not have been drinking’, ‘Some things are karmic’, ‘Are you sure you remember it correctly?’. The one thing I want people to take away from this song is; listen. Listen to the victim. Make room for them. Create a safe space for them to speak up, to find a way of healing. This world knows very well how to judge people that are victims of abuse while protecting the abusers. And as long as this is the case I will continue to speak up and be loud.

Listen below.