Not A Citizen is the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Cristobal Jimenez Van Cauwelaert. The project evolved from bedroom beat making to becoming a full live band after moving to London from Chile in 2014. Inspired by the UK’s DIY and lo-fi scene, and South America’s breathtaking landscapes, The sound combines sampled hip hop drum breaks, jazz chords and Latin guitars, along with psychedelic vocals. “Floating Away” is a new track which is out via Some Other Planet Records.

He explains: “I believe that songs exist long before they’re ever recorded or played; they inhabit another realm, waiting to be translated into art. This first single came into existence after messing around with some old drum recordings and playing my guitar, plugged into a noisy vintage tape echo. This is how I found the sound that inspired me, and it gave me the concept for the song.”

Check the official video below.