Michael Scott Dawson is a Canadian sound artist and multi-instrumentalist, better known as member of Library Voices. His minimalist production explores ambient and electro-acoustic compositions through synthesis, field recordings, tape loops and manipulations. Much of his solo and collaborative work focuses on efforts to reconcile his relationship with music and technology.

Two years after the first solo full length Nowhere, Middle of, he has announced the sophomore album called Music For Listening which will be out on April 8th via We Are Busy Bodies.

According to the press release, Not wanting to repeat himself, Dawson entirely abandoned the synthesizer, his primary instrument, on Music For Listening. The resulting guitar pieces lean heavily on tape loops and manipulations, and are accompanied by field recordings and spare piano elements. This music rests at the intersection of composition, improvisation, and chance, with patient and simple melodies emerging and recurring across the album like mantras.

Check the new excerpt “Summerfallow” which comes with the official video.