Martha Skye Murphy is a London-based musician, singer, composer and vocalist. According to her biography, In 2013 she was the featured singer on Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ album ‘Push the Sky Away’ and accompanied him as a backing vocalist on the respective tour.Martha was brought up in South East London and studied History of Art at Cambridge University.

In Martha’s music, explorations of contemporary life in London are assimilated with references to classical mythology, literature, poetry and abstract storytelling. A fe wmonths after The Late Departure, she has announced the release of a new EP called Yours Truly which is co-produced and mixed by Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Bon Iver).

Murphy describes the EP as ‘a children’s book for adults.’ The narrator on ‘Yours Truly’ oscillates between the vocal character of a child, playfully ruminating on the vulnerability of being an adult; normalising the fluctuating emotions an adult’s perspective might deem unstable; and a thoughtful protagonist who alludes to Russian politics, Greek legend, the Mafia, contemporary psychoanalysis, digital ethics, profiling and surveillance capitalism.

We already shared the title-track; “Self-tape” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

“Our online identities are often misinterpreted as being a window into an HD version of ourselves, where our life, character, interests and desires are compressed into neat squares ready to be digested. We are lusting for holograms of ourselves as though constructing a genetically engineered child. It’s scary that we seem to be levitating in this digital self, where fiction is perceived as reality and judgment is expressed as ‘yea or nay’” says Martha about ‘Self Tape’.