One year after Yours Truly EP, the collaboration with Squid and 2021’s “Found Out” and “Stuck”, London-based musician, singer, composer and vocalist Martha Skye Murphy is back with a new track called “Concrete“. It features New York based duo LEYA and Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins on bass. The official video was co-directed by herself and Nina Porter.

She explains: “Using my surrounding city environment in its constant developing yet abandoned state, and nodding to the visual language of video games, I wanted the film for ‘Concrete’ to turn a static building in its harsh location from something stoic and functional into a charged site of dysfunctional memory. This concrete block can become anything you wanted, saw, imprisoned, thought or lost, it can be past or present, real or imagined. Thinking of Edward Burtynsky’s harrowing aerial photographs of large scale industrial waste and short films such as The Black Tower by John Smith, I wanted to comment on the capacity for spaces to host, entrap and influence feeling.”

Watch it below.