Two years after Circadian, Austrian London-based composer and producer Manu Delago has announced the release of a new album. Environ Me which will be out on September 24th via One Little Independent Records. According to the press release, Constructed using his signature percussive skills as well as electronic manipulation and sounds recorded directly from an array of natural sources, the LP is a dynamic and poignant exploration which harnesses the best of his adventurous spirit and singular vision.

Interference” is the first excerpt. Manu Delago explains: “The track is symbolic for human interference on the planet. As visual and sonic symbols I chose an electricity pole and the metal framework of a mountain draglift next to it because they appear in the middle of nowhere, where one would expect pure nature. This symbol could be anything else that humans created like square crop fields, glowing cities, never-ending motorways or a cut-down rain forest. ‘Interference’ is also the opening track of my new album and in a way builds a transition from my last album ‘Circadian’. I even used some recordings at the start which were left over from those sessions. But then the track takes a more electronic direction, and especially at the end it’s a real outburst of energy with a drum solo and metallic sounds recorded on that metal framework.”

Watch the official video below.