Mandy, Indiana are a Manchester based, post-punk/electronic/noise band headed by Scott Fair (guitar/production) and Valentine Caulfield (vocals/lyrics). They have announced the release of the debut EP which will be out on November 19th via Fire Talk Records. “Bottle Episode” is the first excerpt.

Speaking about the new track, Mandy, Indiana vocalist Valentine Caulfield said “I wanted to build up on the military style of the track, but in a very slow crescendo, and not in a very obvious way. The lyrics talk of men waiting, moving forward; war is never mentioned, yet it is obvious that the men are waiting for death. The song ends with the men almost dancing as the bullets hit them.”

Guitarist Scott Fair added “The inspiration for the guitar line was based upon a recording of a flood siren in Todmorden. I was going to use the recording as a sample but then I decided to try and recreate it with the guitar.”

Check the official video below.