Mabe Fratti is a Guatemalan musician, composer and producer, now based in Mexico. She has released a new album called Será que ahora podremos entendernos? which is out now via Unheard of Hope. According to the press release, Using voice, cello, synthesizers and field recordings, her newest record which translates in English to ‘Will we be able to understand each other now?” is an exploration of communication, not only with others but also ourselves.

She shared a new video for the track “Que Me Hace Saber Esto”. It was directed by Alice Pontiggia and Eduardo Makoszay Mayén. They expplain: “We found ourselves admiring the landscape from a peak, a morphological balcony, interacting with the environment from a distance while listening to Mabe’s music. We gradually started a conversation with the mountains, the clouds and the trees through the means of camera zooms. And later wandered around the geography, building kinship with the surroundings through sense impressions derived from the interaction with the other organisms co inhabiting the place: the stones, the river, the insects, and the mushrooms. The microworlds we were exploring complemented our impressions of the sky and the glaciers’ snow, as we were feeling the life-energy flowing through these subjects. The video for Que Me Hace Saber Esto is an attempt to represent this life-energy while guided by Mabe’s track in the editing room. As an afterthought, we realized that the toponymy of the place –Bema–, shares the same syllables as Mabe’s name.”

Watch it below.