LYZZA is a DJ  and producer who is currently on the rise from within the scene in Amsterdam. According to the press release, Being bornand raised in Brazil she combines her Brazilian roots through baile funk mixed with her taste of bass heavy club music / underground hiphop & grime. We introduced her with the 2019’s EP Defiance.

Now she’s back with a new track called “Rifle (Blow!)” which is out now via Houndstooth. She explains: “The track is about the dark thoughts and places one’s brain might go into while attempting to get closer to someone or reaching a new level of intimacy. Already contemplating what bad things might happen and what could be the end. An internal battle with ego that should be killed”

The video directed by Limitrofe Television that have recently collaborated with Mykki Blanco, GUCCI and Balenciaga, is about fully embracing your desires instead of running away from them. In the video LYZZA leads two lovers through a path of fate where there’s no room to escape their desires towards each other.

Watch it below.