Back in 2021, Scottish musician, composer and sound artist Lomond Campbell has released two new albums called LŪP and Lost Loops. Now he has announced the release of a new full-lenght called Under This Hunger Moon We Fell which is out on November 4th via One Little Independent Records. It is the third and final instalment of his experiments using tape loops at the heart of his music making process.

Campbell notes that “as the album was nearing completion there was a particularly dramatic Supermoon called a Hunger Moon. Apparently it has this name because it occurs right at the end of winter, when predators are at their most lethal and desperate, and those seen as less powerful are preyed upon”.

According to the press release, These themes can be clearly heard on an album that feels cold and bleak in tandem with moments of vulnerability and tenderness. ‘Under This Hunger Moon We Fell’ stalks from the shadows with a natural, quiet confidence before exploring more carnal heaviness and occasionally brutal displays of dramatic tension. It meditates in cycles and is at both times predator and prey, conveying the balance of these relationships with its cinematic compositions.

Check the new excerpt below.