Live Skull are a cult New York based band which was formed in 1982 and founded by guitarists Mark C. and Tom Paine. Their first album Bringing Home the Bait was released in 1985 via Homestead Records. Positraction was their fourth and latest album, before the breakup in 1989.

In 2016 they’re back as a band and in 2019 they have released a new album called Saturday Night Massacre. Now they have announced a new full-length called Dangerous Visions  which is to be released via Bronson Recordings on December 11th. The album is a record of two halves; the first half new recordings and the second half digging into the archives. Day One Of The Experiment is a new cut recorded live in Ravenna, Italy at Transmission XII and the accompanying video includes footage of the performance as well as imagery shot en route to the festival.

Live Skull founding member Mark C comments: “The song recounts a daughter’s discovery of her fathers’ lost airplane, years after his disappearance and reminded me of my father’s experience as a pilot in the air force, who survived his airplane getting shot down.  Born as a rehearsal jam, and developed live, it’s one of the first tracks written collectively by the latest version of the Live Skull experiment.”