Los Angeles-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Kadhja Bonet is back with a new track called  which is out now via Ninja Tune and follows 2022’s “Dear Gina”, and acclaimed 2018’s Childqueen album. The accompanying video is Bonet’s first directing project in over a decade. “I haven’t really truly directed anything in some time, and with good reason. It’s terrifying” she explains, “It’s challenging to negotiate so many people’s skills, egos and schedules and for an introvert it’s quite overwhelming. I got very lucky with this production team and executive producer, Cole Santiago. As hard as it was to do – it was very liberating”. The striking video features dancer Leanna Bremond who portrays Kadhja throughout, “my least favourite part of my job is having to be visible, so working with Leanna allowed me to represent myself without being seen”. 

Watch it below.