Joy Crookes is a singer-songwriter from South-London. We introduced her with the 2016’s debut track “New Manhattan”. Now she has announced the release of the debut album called Skin which will be out tomorrow via Insanity Records. We already shared the title-track and “When You Were Mine“; “Trouble” is a new excerpt.

Of the song Joy explains, “‘When You Were Mine’ is a song I wrote about an ex-partner that ended up being with a man after we broke up. It’s a song about accepting their love, but wishing the same for myself. I wrote it with the backdrop of Brixton because that is where their love unfolded and where I spent a lot of my childhood. We recorded a brass section (it was my first time recording brass and excited was an understatement); we wanted it to sound messy so Japanese whiskey was involved and listening to lots of Ebo Taylor.”