London based singer-songwriter Joviale is back with her second EP called Hurricane Belle. According to the press release,  Inspired by Peter Shenai’s “Hurricane Bells” experiment, in which he cast brass bells modelled on the five stages of Hurricane Katrina, Joviale’s own Hurricane Belle lives and breathes through every meticulously crafted sonic and visual element of the project. Shenai’s Hurricane Bells encouraged those who visited it to play the bells to experience the exact frequency of sound from the stage of the hurricane that they reflect; Hurricane Belle operates in a similar fashion, with Joviale once again collaborating closely with producer Bullion to investigate and design their own soundscapes and frequencies that lead the listener to feel emotions that are being reflected within the music.

Check the new video for the track “ZeroCool“. It was directed by Red Chartreuse and filmed in Malta before the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic.