London-based singer-songwriter and musician Josienne Clarke has announced the release of a new album called A Small Unknowable Thing which will be out out on August 13th via her own label Corduroy Punk Records. “Sit Out” is the first excerpt which comes with the official video directed, shot & edited by Alec Bowman_Clarke.

Says Josienne of the video… ‘I had a joke idea of a video early on, for me to hold fake auditions for a guitarist, each applicant being more of a ridiculous cliche than the previous. With me being the last, auditioning myself and then giving myself the job. It’s a bit over the top and silly but the sentiment is a solid one, that I decide to back my own guitar playing, not cos it’s the most accomplished but because it’s good enough and it suits me best!

I made it with my husband, Alec Bowman_Clarke who is a videographer and he stars in it as the 3rd and most terrible auditionee. We’ve made many music videos together and have even reused some props from previous videos like the ‘Josienne’ signature cardboard, fake Marshall stack from 2019’s Slender, Sad & Sentimental.