JOON is the project of Maltese producer Yasmin Kuymizakis who we introduced with the track “E.T.”. She has released the first full-length called Dream Again which is out now via Italians Do it Better. According to the press release,  it arrives fully formed ten years after she began writing songs, after a life-changing car accident clarified her musical ambitions. The 12 cuts of glacial synth pop on Joon shimmer with positive affirmations, heralding a new star in the Italians Do It Better cosmos. 

Check the new video for the track “Just Can’t Get Enough“. Speaking about the video, JOON said “The concept for this video came from Johnny Jewel but I was fully on board straight away. To me JOON is all about fun crazy ideas and having these colourful puppets in a music video is a dream! I love putting smiles on people’s faces and hope this brings a little joy in such strange times.”

Watch the official video below.