Last year Findley (Natalie Rose Findlay), was mainly and officially present with the new project called Ttrruuces. Last November she released a second song called Strange One from a likely new album. Now she announces her second album The Last of the 20th Century Girls, due on May 13, and shares high-spirited new single “Night Sweats”with self-directed visuals alongside.

Natalie reveals, “Night Sweats came to me in a kind of stoned fever dream. I was on holiday in Lisbon when the riff just came into my head and I was wandering around my Airbnb singing it for ages, then when we got home and came to put down the riff it sounded miles better faster. It was a pretty instant decision then to make it more 80s sounding as the riff lended itself to that in a big way.”

Watch the video below.