ECHT! is an instrumental, futuristic, Brussels based four-piece inspired by the concepts absorbed in electronic music and musical production. They have announced the release of the debut album called Inwane which will be out on September 24th via Gent-based label Sdban Ultra. According to the press release, From the abstract patterns of ‘Permanent’ and melodic atmospherics of ‘Dunes’ to the futuristic funk of ‘Charlier’, ECHT! look to emulate the producer’s off-beats, the compressor’s swell, the repeating samples or the DJ’s transitions. Elsewhere, the trap-heavy sounds of ‘500gr.’ and subby bass stylings of ‘Champi’ push things forward, before the scatter rhythms of ‘Kiekebiche’ and weighty rumblings of ‘Drache’ integrate the inhuman heritage of electronic music and ‘re-humanise’ it.

Charlier” is the first excerpt. Listen below.