Sueños de la Joya” is the eleventh chapter in Constellation’s Corona Borealis longplay singles series and it is the collaboration between Berlin based Canadian musician Deadbeat aka Scott Monteith and Paris based Chilean poet and sound artist Martin Bakero.

According to the press release, While the first version was released as an album length collection of 4 long form compositions on Monteith’s BLKRTZ label in May 2020, this second version expands the project into the visual realm, re-editing the closing two sections and using them as a soundtrack to Monteith’s own film documentation of a road trip from Santiago to the beginning of the Atacama desert in December 2018. Including a reading of the poem Pequeño mapa audible de Chile by Gabriela Mistral in its second half, the piece continues their explorations of the country’s vast geographical and sociopolitical complexity”

Watch the video below.