The South London based post-genre, audiovisual art duo c / a have announced the release of the debut album called The Only Way We Know To Have Fun which will be out on July 19th. According to the press release, it is presented as the fragments of a love story unfolding in multiple layers of time and space amongst various prominent themes. Such themes include allegories of the occult of mass media mind control, the dangers of overindulging fantasies or illusions, ‘primers’ that walk among us, criticism on the concept of power and economic world order, undefined holes in the sky and a surreal visionary of England’s fauna and flora.

We already shared “Docile Goetica“; “The Primer” is a new excerpt. According to the press release, it undertakes a conceptual study of ‘intuition’ as it relates to algorithmic musical creation, posing a duality between the artist as chaos magician and the machine as oraculous tool. The simple melodies of the track are ‘conjured’ through the neural network of a trained artificial intelligence model dating back to the earliest self-educational programming exercises with Tensorflow. The track title derives directly from the technical term ‘primer’ which is used to point out the spark [which can be a single note, a scale or even a more extended musical piece], to generate or continue generating from such a trained AI model.

Watch the official video below.