Buñuel is the project which involves bassist Andrea Lombardini, Franz Valente (One Dimensional Man and Il Teatro Degli Orrori), Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow) and Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours and Todo Modo). They have announced the release of a new album called Killers Like Us — the third part of a trilogy that started with A Resting Place for Strangers, and then The Easy Way Out – which will be out on February 18th, 2022 via Profound Lore Records and La Tempesta International.

When God Used A Rope” is the first excerpt which comes with the official video. About the song/video Eugene comments, “the disgusting way that the human is repackaged and fetishised begs for a re-rendering that captures, at least in micro, how much of being human is mired in the ways in which we are failed animals. I’d like to think that that’s what “When God Used a Rope” is in spirit AND actuality.”  Eugene adds, “I’m always understanding recorded music as a soundtrack for a movie you the listener gets to visualise. In this case: the visuals as they exist are much more potent reminders that our horrors are as ever present as our loves are endless.”