Copenhagen based duo Bremer/McCoy is the collaboration between pianist Morten McCoy and bassist Jonathan Bremer. They have announced the release of  anew album called Natten which will be out on October 29th via Luaka Bop, founded by David Byrne (Talking Heads).

According to the press release, their sound is both melodic and meditative and in respect of the deeper vibrations, they travel with their custom built soundsystem. That might seem like a lot of effort for a quiet Danish duo, but for Bremer/McCoy, making music is all about what happens in the room. That’s why they go through the trouble of carrying their own equipment, and it’s why they record analog. When they write music, they aim for direct transmission—idea straight to composition.

‘Natten’ is the follow-up to a string of albums – their debut ‘Enhed’ (2013), ‘Ordet’ (2015), ‘Forsvinder’ (2016), and ‘Utopia’ (2019). “We felt a greater freedom this time around because we now have a much deeper understanding and grounding in what we’re doing,” says Bremer. “This allows us to venture further out than ever before, because we know that things typically fall into place.”

Check the new track “Gratitude“.