Bingo Fury is a British singer-songwriter and musician. Influenced by classic songwriters as much as pioneers of alternative experimentation, the songs can often land like a jazz standard that got lost multiple times on its journey to the present day. Some pit stops are obvious: the haunting balladry of Nina Simone and Leonard Cohen, and the arresting no-wave of James Chance and The Lounge Lizards.

We introduced him with the debut track “Big Rain“. Now is back with a new track called “Birchall & Kings” which is out now via Practise Music. On the single Bingo offers: “Birchall and Kings spawned from an obsession with limitation in the creative process. It’s an attempt at writing a mono-tonal song, while trying to keep things engaging. Lyrically, It’s finding solace in a dysfunctional environment.”

Listen below.