Benjamin Lazar Davis is a New York-based musician and songwriter, better known for his work with Okkervil River and Cuddle Magic. Two years after his debut full-length, he has announced the release of a new self-titled album which will be out on November 19th via 11A & Reveal Records. Check the new excerpt “Snow Angels“.

He explains: “Snow Angels started off as a riff Will Graefe was playing during a break on a session I was producing for another artist, and I started to sing over it. Later when Will and Sarah (Lip Talk) were working on lyrics together, we started singing about someone moving to LA, and the other person not being able to follow them out there. This was before I actually started to split my time between NYC and LA. In the end I did follow my relationship out here. It features me on my parents’ steinway upright with duct tape on the strings under the hammers, Lars Horntveth on reeds synths and pic bass, and Luke Moellman on pump organ/mixing!”