Automatisme is the electronic music project of producer William Jourdain from Saint-Hyacinthe. He’s back with a new track called “Non-representation Field” and it is the 12th entry in Constellation’s Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series; it comes with an accompanying short film by Marilou Lyonnais Archambault who explains:

“Vidéo binaire evoking the iridescence of sounds and images and the dualism of nature and machine, produced using a selection of video samples from the web, which were then projected and filmed on folded paper structures – le froissement (creasing, crumpling; light trauma or injury) as a gesture of resistance. The video portrays the buzzing of natural landscapes, ineffable and transitory physical disturbances, the resonance of appearing and disappearing via the manipulation of creased and wrinkled images, as echoes of an exhausted and worn out territory. This experimental clip eulogizes the non-place as a refuge in post-modern times, in post-internet times.”