Annesofie Salomon is a Copenhagen based singer-songwriter and musician. Years ago as a geography and literature student, Salomon left school to find her own way. “I wanted to just write about nature, and to do that in a way that was personal as well as scientific.

According to the press release, Her writing soon transformed into paintings and sculptures with the natural world as their focus. Salomon applied to the Art Academy and was rejected, retreating to her studio by the ocean to work more and re-apply the next year. Again, she was rejected. After four applications, four rejections, and five years gone, Salomon carried her sculptures from her studio and dropped them into Copenhagen Harbour. “I think I was mad. I dumped it all in the ocean. Somehow it wasn’t working; writing about limestone, or using it.” With five years gone and nothing to show, she shed her skin again and retreated to the countryside to work on a farm and train horses.

We introduced her with the tracks “Soft Dreams” and “All Things”; now she has announced the debut EP called which will be out on June 11th via TAMBOURHINOCEROS. “Ocean Shell” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

She explains: “Ocean Shell is about someone dear to me. Throughout my life, I’ve found it impossible to grasp how her illness affects her—if it makes her unhappy, or if it simply makes her her. It is something that defines her deeply; gives her a sense of fragility that is present in everything. 

Her fragility is a beautiful thing to me, but the sadness and the sorrow that’s felt in her every song, her every carefully tended rose and her every brushstroke is the hardest thing in the world for me to bear.