Italian musician and composer Alessandro Cortini has announced the release of a new album called SCURO CHIARO which is the follow-up to VOLUME MASSIMO album. It will be out on June 11th via Mute. He explains:

“I really enjoyed the fact that VOLUME MASSIMO became a series of rough colours that I added to in order to specify a more definite image, or a more definite painting in a way. It’s something that I hadn’t done before as a lot of my recordings are live recordings. With SCURO CHIARO I went back to this process. A lot of the compositions that I included are compositions that I listened to, worked with, massaged, and shaped the corners for them to fit in this specific puzzle—but there was less dissection, less hair and make-up than VOLUME MASSIMO.”

According to the press release, The beauty of SCURO CHIARO lies in its contradictions. With far fewer instances of guitar than the last album, SCURO CHIARO fully realises the peculiar expressiveness of the environments that Cortini is capable of generating from his studio with synthesis.

We aready shared “Chiaroscuro“; “Lo Specchio” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.