Akkor is the project of the Istanbul based musician and producer Üstün Lütfi Yıldırım. His music mixes  ambient and field recordings, electronic music elements and techniques of classical western and classical Turkish music. Back in March, he has released a new album called Durma.

Now he’s back with “Quadradesic“, a live audio-visual Performance. According to the press release, Created with the collaboration of Uygar Demoğlu, Uğur Cinel, Mert Karaçıkay, Yaren Eren Budak and Kemal Cankaya, Quadradesic is a multidisciplinary live audiovisual performance that features multi-channel audio, video installation, interactive light performance, and a stage design specific for the venue. While the sound-world surrounds the audience, the audience surrounds the stage of Quadradesic, a performance that encourages the audience to move and explore different aspects of sound and visual.

Watch it below and check also his live performance for our Live series Isolation Tales.