Back in 2021, New York based rapper Aesop Rock and American producer Blockhead have released a new album called Garbology. They have shared a new animated video for the track “All the Smartest People“. Aesop Rock explains: “I heard a calling that said ‘you should draw 1,500 selfies,’ and I answered that call on some ‘hold my Bubly.’ I had been messing around with some short animations and decided to take a crack at something a little longer. The process made my eyes hurt, and now your eyes can hurt too. Some days it felt therapeutic, but a lot of days I was pretty over it. I would get about 6 seconds a day on average. Lots of repetition. Ultimately I’m glad I was patient enough to see it through – and thankful for those around me with the ‘keep going!’ attitude. This song is one of my favorites off the Garbology project. It’s fun when these weird ones work out.”