Emerald M., an exceptional singer-songwriter, is mesmerizing audiences globally with her new song, “I Could’ve Died.” Veering away from her Burmese origins, she explores raw and unvarnished life experiences. Inspired by the world around her, the artist’s lyrics give life to the silent stories hiding in our lives’ shadows.

“I Could’ve Died” emerged during the isolating times of COVID-19, showcasing Emerald’s enduring spirit. The song narrates the profound emotions and thoughts spawned in seclusion. Her cultural silence amplifies the global resonance of her stories, illustrating a universally shared experience.

Emerald delivers a wave of unfiltered emotions, intensified by her musical skills, yet she chooses a minimalist approach in this work. William Lucey’s production retains the authenticity embedded in every note, preserving the song’s emotional integrity.

“I Could’ve Died” unveils a private disclosure, linking turbulent emotions to serene optimism. It highlights the mystifying yet powerful bond between the distressed individual and their rescuer, intertwining romantic and platonic elements. The song mirrors a collective journey – broken, yet profoundly complete.

Listen to “I Could’ve Died” here:

Watch the lyric video below: