WERL3 are the trio comprised of Aidan Baker, Gareth Davis and Tomas Järmyr. This special one-time-expansion of WERL, took place in 2019 during the Moving Noises Festival at Christuskirche Bochum (Germany).

According to the press release, WERL3 played a completely improvised set, which diversified the sound of WERL into a constantly evolving post jazz drone piece. You can hear and feel how the three musicians have an effect on each other, slowly brewing that 40 minutes beast consisting of erupting bass clarinet sounds, floating guitars and accentuated drums. All of this happening in the elaborate architecture of Christuskirche Bochum, where the three musicians stood in one wide line on the altar. The session got mastered by Ian Hawgood, who worked out all the details of the recording in a very convincing way.

The album will be out tomorrow via Midira Records. Check an excerpt below.