Trevor Ransom is a Seattle born producer and musician which we introduced two years ago with the EP Spring (Hush Hush Records). Now he’s back with a new track called “Swell“. It is the second single off his upcoming 4-track EP Foundation Holds which will be out later this month.

He explains: “I wrote this song earlier this year as I was going through a tough breakup, stressing over new relationships in my job, and being overwhelmed by digital noise. To deal with it I’d get out into the woods near my house and go on long walks while listening to an inspiring podcast or just silence to process my thoughts. In parts of the song I tried to use more negative space to let it “breathe” a bit. It felt representative of the season I was in. The ending passage of Swell I think captures some of the tension, anger and hope I was feeling as well in that time.”

Listen below.