Sheffield based trio The Black Dog (Ken Downie and brothers Martin and Ricjard Dust) have announced the release of a new EP called Brutal Minimalism which will be out on January 28th via Dust Science Recordings. They explain: “The Brutal Minimalism EP follows us on a journey across several sites in Yorkshire famous for their brutal architecture. The four rhythmic beat-driven tracks were all written on location while waiting for ideal lighting and the rain to stop. And let’s face it, it rains a lot in Yorkshire.

The tracks evolved over a number of weeks, produced within the architecture of the car parks, streets and nearby green spaces, all to find the distinct vibrations of the place. Sound samples were captured from the environment and banks of percussion, pads and tones were created for use throughout the pieces. Working within this architecture influenced the process and ultimately shaped the evolution of the tracks.”

Check the first excerpt below.