Berlin based producer and techno polymath Stefan Goldmann has announced the release of a new album called Vector Rituals which will be out on May 6th via Macro. According to the press release, it sees him constructing polymetric rites of percussion. Synthesized from the ground up, timbral characteristics, metric properties, dynamic expression and microrhythmic phrasing are shaped by the interactions of layered control voltage functions. The result is an assembly of abstract dances ranging from the intricate to the powerful.

Near-humanoid behaviour emerges from liquid patterns, laid out and brought to life by the freewheeling encounter of modular waveforms and snappy envelopes. Sounds evoke metallic textures – ringing, scraping – and group into virtual shapes from tiny spikes to vast surfaces.

Some of the parametric relationships employed are as loose as to imply chance drifts. Others lock in with strict regularity as found in the 13 vs. 17 polymeter pattern of opening track ‘Nayba’. By contrast, in the strictly repetitive yet highly asymmetrical sequence of ‘Yukagir’ each metric step has its own uniquely irregular duration. The center piece of this collection is ‘Ayon’ with multiple autonomous and highly agile timelines. Its constituent layers break away in radial fashion and fall back together at widely spaced points of congregation.

All compositions herein present powerful proof of the unlimited capacity of electronic music to yield new principles of organisation and to solidify their expression into clear-cut gestalt.

Listen below.