Grown up with a pile of listenings from hip-hop artist and producer, sophie meiers has released her debut EP last years, after a bunch of singles which catered from hazy bedroom pop (akin to her friend Clairo) to r&b and lo-fi hip hop.

She said on the creation process: “I just really like being able to make whatever I want in any given moment, so I try not to box it in. But—if I had to—no, actually, I feel like I shouldn’t even attempt—well, I started out as a jazz vocalist, and listened to a bunch of punk growing up. Then I got really into hip hop, so there’s a bunch of different genres spanning r&b, and jazz, and then a lot of my unreleased stuff is kind of alternative, band/instrumental based. So it’s a combination of a lot of different things.”

The new single “mmutt”, starts with a tremolo guitar sound and also unveils the potential of a voice which could be not enjoyed at a first sight, but definitely sultry. Listen below.